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The creative spirits at SmarttChick are dedicated to taking universal wisdom themes and helping people apply them in their lives, simply, easily and in a way that helps them retain the wisdom without giving up a lot of money. We call these concepts "The Path to Wisdom and Peace" and the intent is to craft a resilient spirit in all who seek that out. Follow our thoughts on Facebook (like our page!) and check back often for updates and more.

The self-help industry commands more than $10b (billion!) in sales each year but do we see people reaping the benefits and moving on? While most self-help gurus teach tools that people can use to improve their lives, the tendency seems to be for people to get stuck in a loop of reading more books, attending more seminars, workshops and talks and spending more money on some guru's products.

I've written a number of blogs about these gurus. Here's one on James Arthur Ray; here's another one about a different guru who also made a lot of money after The Secret went viral. 

It's time to CLOSE the self-help books, turn off the audio lectures, stop spending large sums of money to attend workshops, classes and seminars and take ACTION! 

Let's get started!

Do you ever wonder if your guardian angel has taken an extended vacation?  

She's still around, and this creative (mini) project can help remind you on those days when you need a little good news. Enjoy! 

The Path to Wisdom & Peace

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