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Modern spiritual teachers remind us that we are not physical beings having random spiritual experiences, rather we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical existence. While some notable scientists are quick to discount all-things-spiritual; many people have seen healing, prosperity and other miracles show up in their lives in ways that cannot be explained as an inevitable random occurrences. But does it have to be a binary choice?

Do we have to abandon our respect for scientific advancement to embrace the spiritual side of life?

Must we turn our backs on the mystery we've learned and seen to acknowledge that there are some really smart people who have figured out some hard world problems using science?

No. There is much to be learned and gained from continued scientific research and exploration, but this does not need to replace or exclude the wisdom of the ancients. Scholars of spiritual writings across traditions and cultures find that there are threads of common wisdom to be culled from all of them.

I look forward to new scientific discovery with the same awe and excitement as I do the miracles I see and hear about. There's room in life for it all. 


The Spiritual Side of Life

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