If you don't LOVE your job, and you can't think of another job that would be much better, you owe it to yourself to do a self-assessment on what kind of things could make a job "good" for you (it's different for each of us!).

My eBook, 'Discover Your Path' is a tool/guide that can help you pull back the facade (job title, salary, family expectations, etc.) and get to the heart of how you really want to spend those 40+ hours each week. No one should spend a lifetime dreading almost a quarter of their adult life (40 hours = 23.8% of a week).  

You can also jump start job satisfaction no matter WHAT you do, or where you do it! In 7 Simple Steps I outline how to reset your perspective no matter where you are on the career ladder.


“You’ll spend a majority of your waking hours at work—make sure you choose a job that gives more back to you than it takes away.”