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The manager flew out of her office in a rage and appeared at the door.

I will not be questioned!” she hissed through clenched teeth; eyes flashing an anger that simmered just below her polished, phony facade.

She shook a stack of papers menacingly, the clang of her gold bangles accenting each word.

I’m not through with you!

She spun and stormed down the hall.

Moments later, chaos erupted outside. A crowd gathered around a garbage truck and loose papers scattered in the wind as three gold bracelets rolled down the middle of the street.

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Journey, interrupted

Standing in the barn I am comforted by the familiar sights and smells. Memories mingle with the occasional summer breeze. I feel older than my years and a void settles in the center of my chest.

How will I face the weeks or days before me? I’m not even sure how …

A squeak interrupts my melancholy. I see rustling in the stacked hay as a tiny, grey tabby kitten emerges and stands before me.

He lets me pick him up. I hold him close, his quiet purring fills that void, just a bit.

(C) SmarttChick 2017

(C) SmarttChick 2017

Unexpected Angel

Friending the Professor

(C) SmarttChick 2017

She pulled up in a sporty, red car and disappeared into the store.

I envy her freedom to choose a short, stylish haircut, and wonder if anyone times her showers or sets a stopwatch when she leaves the house.

A supernatural bolt of lightning strikes nearby. Smoke. Sirens. Confusion. 

I pull away in a cloud of smoke and hear a familiar voice floating across the parking lot.
Get back in the car, you cow; I told you not to move.

I downshift and accelerate away from the scene, my short hair blowing in the wind.


(C) SmarttChick 2017

Backpacks to the front of the room - cell phones away. If I see it, I’m taking it,” I announce. “No hats. If you want to keep your drink, remove the bottle’s label. This isn’t math class so you don’t need a calculator - make sure I don’t see one appear on your desk.”

I continue.

No headphones, no messaging, no social networking during this exam. Understood?

A collective mumble indicates acceptance.

You may log in and begin.

Ten minutes into the exam, my phone vibrates.

A Facebook update reads “stuck on #10”.

I shake my head, then post a comment: “busted”.

The Autumn sun burned low in the afternoon sky. He held tight to grandpa’s seat while the tractor lumbered up the lane.

The smell of freshly-cut hay perfumed the air, and a gentle breeze blew across the fields, occasionally tousling his hair.

Passing the barn, grandpa turned toward the yard where grandma stood smiling.

The tractor slowed in front of her, and she climbed up on the hitch to help him down; he reached for her hand…

Corporal. Stay with me. Can you open your eyes? Stay with me, now – squeeze my hand if you can hear me.


The Wish

3 Bracelets

(C) SmarttChick 2017