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About 'SmarttChick'

Rebecca Harmon began adult life with a tour of duty in the US Navy. Since then she has traveled many paths, and lays claim to a resume with job titles that include academic dean, professor, consultant, director (leadership - not movies) and author. Her professional career has been centralized in the healthcare industry, but teaching and writing are her passions.

Ms. Harmon has self-published several books, maintains a number of blogs and enjoys both non-fiction and fiction genres. A bulk of her work is centered on what may loosely be called "life coaching" (she's not a fan of that term), based on wisdom from across cultures and time. This interest is reflected in her primary blog as well as in posts on finding success in careers and at work.

A popular speaker and presenter, Rebecca has been featured at multiple local, state and national conferences in her professional field. In addition she enjoys popularity as a speaker and coach/teacher closer to home where she shares her knowledge of the wisdom from across the world in presentations that uplift, enlighten and inspire.

Ms. Harmon expertly weaves the concepts of learning theory with native wisdom to make her presentations much more than just a talk. She is also adept at taking what looks like a simple evening of crafting or creativity and making it a profound learning experience for adults and youth as she believes that the individual expression of creativity is a pathway to inner peace.

Rebecca holds a master's degree from the H. John Heinz III College of Public Policy & Management at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA where she lives with 2 cats, Ganymede & Callisto.